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SHARE Your Knowledge: Checking Out Laptops To Patrons

This post needs a contribution from you! If that seems daunting then you should read about the iSaw.

Last week there was a question on one of our email lists about how libraries manage the documentation and logistics of checking out laptops to patrons. I think it's time that we put all those ideas and methods in one place! I created a drop on drop.io where we can store all this info.  Here is the url: http://drop.io/liblaps

If your library allows patrons to check out laptops in the library, I want to hear from you!  Please follow the steps below.

  1. Create a Word doc that has your 3-digit code and Laptops (ie, PDS Laptops)
  2. Tell us about your policies and procedures for checking out laptops.
  3. What problems have you come across when providing this service?
  4. What tips and tricks to do have for libraries that want to start this service?
  5. Upload the file to our liblaps drop! (here's how)

If you've got other documentation please upload it and indicate which library it's from.


Standard precautions apply when using the iSaw - it's a mini chainsaw...be careful!  PS Sorry for all the links in the document:)


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