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OverDrive eBooks are here!

Epubpdf You may have noticed an interesting item in the last issue of Online Update: "New titles, features added to WPLC Digital Download Center." Ladies and gentlemen, we have eBooks!

The WPLC eBook collection is small (around 200 titles). Full support information is available, but here's a brief overview of what you need to know about using them:

Two formats: Adobe EPUB or PDF. EPUB eBooks offer reflowable text, which means that you can change the font, resize the text, or alter the size of your display and the text 'reflows' to fill the available view area. (In most cases PDF text is not reflowable like this.)

An eBook reader is optional: EPUB and PDF eBooks will work with a computer (Windows or Mac) or a Sony Reader. They will not work with the Amazon Kindle or with Palm/Pocket PC devices.

Required software: Adobe Digital Editions: This program displays the eBook for reading and handles DRM (the technology that makes titles auto-expire at the end of the week-long lending period). System requirements and link to download Adobe Digital Editions.

Library computers do not have Adobe Digital Editions, so patrons wanting to enjoy the new eBooks should plan to use their home computers or bring a personal laptop to the library to use with a wireless network, where available. (This may get some more consideration, but not until after the SCLS Admin/Automation move.)


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I like that the eBooks can be returned early!

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