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What's the mayor reading?

Everyone knows what Oprah's reading. But what about the well-known personalities from your community?

A few weeks ago I posted about a library system using short video clips for book reviews and highlighting the library's collection. This week I ran across 2 more interesting uses of video by Durham County Library in North Carolina:

  1. Online Storytime with Miss Tamika
  2. Whatcha Reading?
Bill Bell, Mayor of Durham

Matt DeMargel - Director of Media Relations & Promotions - Durham Bulls

"Whatcha Reading?" was especially interesting to me . It seems like a good partnership between Durham County Library and personalities from the community. The library gains reviews from interesting or famous people in the community, and the people interviewed about what they're reading get a little screen time and a link back to their business or organization.

Press Release for "Whatcha Reading?"


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Really cool promotional idea! The press release is worth reading to see who was asked to participate. (Local chefs! Now who do I know who goes to restaurants a lot?) I could see us doing downtown businesses and maybe the farmer's market, in addition to local elected officials. And I would kind of like to see us ask our local elected officials not only what they're reading, but if they have a library card and when they used it last.
And I like this line "inform, inspire learning, cultivate understanding and excite the imagination" (it reminds me of our mission statement).
Thanks for posting this!

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