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Quick & Easy PDF Creation


So you want to create a PDF file, but you don't have Adobe Acrobat and you don't have time to wait for Zamzar to convert your 1000-page book.  Well, there is a freeware program called CutePDF Writer that will convert a document to a PDF for you and all you have to do is print it out.

CutePDF Writer is freeware, so it's FREE for personal, commercial, governmental, educational or library use.  You don't get any annoying watermarks or popup Web ads with this software.  It allows you to convert any printable document into a PDF format.  It installs as a virtual printer, which means that you see it in your list of printers but it doesn't actually print.  When you choose the 'Print' option from any application what it does is ask you to name and choose a location for where you want to save the PDF version of your document.  Click the Save button and BAM! you have a PDF document.

Since this is freeware we can install on your staff PC with no fuss and no muss. All you have to do is call the Help Desk and tell me what PC you want it on. Some staff PCs already have it, so a way to check is to look in the list of printers when you try to print.  If you don't see "CutePDF Writer" listed then you don't have it installed.  If you want it then do what Blondie's song said and "Call Me".


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Is there any freeware that would allow editing of a PDF?

I was able to find some software called PDFedit, which is a free, open source program for manipulating PDF documents. I've never tried it out though, so I'm not sure how good it is.

Mary-- If you want to edit PDFs that you created, what works well is to keep the original Word, Excel, etc. document, edit that, and then just create another PDF (that's what I do for the Library Online documentation)

If you want to edit a PDF that someone else created, then you would need some software like the program Brian mentioned.

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