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Fun and Not-So-Fun Facts about Digital Media

If you use the Digital Download Center long enough, you may find that certain things about it are not-so-fun—limitations that mean saying "no" to a hopeful patron. Since I'm a "give me the bad news first" type, I'll cover a couple of these not-so-fun topics first and then spill the beans on some good news.

Not-So-Fun Fact #1: You can't use a Mac computer to transfer iPod-compatible WMA Audiobooks to an iPod (or other Apple player).

Counterintuitive? Yes—but sadly, Macs and WMA format just do not mix. Some of the software required for using WMA Audiobooks isn't available for Macs (OverDrive Media Console 3.2 and Windows Media Player). (Positive spin: Mac computers can play MP3 Audiobooks and transfer them to iPods.)

Not-So-Fun Fact #2: You can't use SCLS-supported library computers to transfer digital media to Apple or Zune players. 

Lots of libraries make OverDrive Media Console available on patron computers, but for security reasons, iTunes and the Zune application (which are required for transfer to Apple and Zune players) are not available. 

Now, here's the fun fact:  eBooks are coming!

People have been asking about eBooks for a long time, and the Digital Download Center is getting some.  The initial collection will start with over 200 titles on a variety of topics, mainly in EPUB format, with a few PDF titles thrown in. They're not available yet, but we'll keep you posted!


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I have 2 questions.

1) Is that a shot glass?
2) Is whatever was in the shotglass still located at SCLS? (I will be there next week)

Haha! It might just be, though it's not mine (the photo just seemed like a good match for the topic). All coffee or tea around here!

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