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Euphonious Mosquito Duet

To fully appreciate this post, you’ll need:
A) Internet Explorer as your browser (some of the links won’t work otherwise) and
B) Speakers or a set of headphones.)Mosquito

Move over Kindle and make way for a multimedia mashup of electronic text, video clips and social networking, aka a “vook”.

On October 1, Simon & Schuster in conjunction with a multimedia partner released four "vooks".  You buy the vook but don’t necessarily have to buy additional hardware if you have a PC with Internet access or an iPhone or iPod Touch. 

The “vook” is so new who knows if this specific vendor’s product will take off or not but they’re on to something masterful!

For example, insect communication through acoustics is fascinating:

1) Euphonious Mosquito Duet

2) Leafhoppers and treehoppers communicate with each other by vibrating a substrate.  Normally inaudible to humans, these recordings were captured by a hairclip attached to a phonograph cartridge, with a wire leading to a recorder.LeafHopper

But reading about insect acoustics can be a bit dry:

What if the audio and video clips were integrated with the reading and you could stuff it in your pocket?  The “vook” concept is the perfect vehicle for content fusion (text, audio and video) that’s portable and social networking-capable.  This rocks!


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The "Vook" was mentioned in a couple of New York Times articles recently:


It'll be interesting to see if this sort of combination of video-meets-book-meets-social-networking takes off... Could be really cool!


This a great post. Your suggestions about how we could use Vook to share the fascinating world of insects with more people is how we want people to think about Vook -- we want them to see the potential.

By the way: Have you seen this art project/study of insects at Chernobyl? If you're into Class Insecta you'll probably like this:


Matt Cavnar

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