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Where to Find Help for Downloadable Audiobooks

Download Digital Media Last week we mentioned the Wisconsin Digital Download Center (aka OverDrive) as a service available to SCLS patrons which allows them to download audiobooks, videos, and music for use on a computer or portable device. Neat! But where can patrons get help if they get stuck?

  1. The Digital Download Center site. Its Help section is jam-packed with information about the basics, the software, and troubleshooting.
  2. The WPLC wiki. The wiki is a collection of frequently-asked questions which includes information specific to Wisconsin's OverDrive configuration and limits.
  3. The library! If a patron is unable to find a solution to their problem using either of the resources already mentioned, they can seek assistance at their local library.
  4. SCLS consultants. If you, as library staff, are unable to answer a patron's question or find the answer using these resources, the question may be referred to Rose (or Kerri, in Rose's absence). It is important to first gather as much information about the problem as possible. Please see the WPLC wiki support page for details about what information to collect.

Bonus!  OverDrive staff are pouring their love for downloadable audiobooks into the Digital Library Blog.  Check it out for a peek at their favorite books, promotional ideas, training opportunities and more.  You can also keep up with OverDrive's new developments through their Digital Dispatch newsletter.


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This month is also OverDrive Training Month - multiple classes, with prizes for participants:


Aw, not my videos?

D'oh! Sarah, your videos are an excellent source (I just forgot they were there). I'm going to be posting another article about the iPod-compatible audiobooks, so I'll plan to highlight your MP3 vs. WMA video and link to the others. Thanks for mentioning it!

Thanks Rose, I hope they are helpful to people! :)

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