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One last thing about Digital Audiobooks -- formats and iPod compatibility.

Click to watch MP3 vs. WMA for OverDrive Audiobooks For a long time there weren't any OverDrive digital audiobook formats available for iPod users, but fortunately this is no longer the case. The Digital Download Center collection now includes iPod-compatible WMA and MP3 Audiobooks. I could write out all the differences between the MP3 and WMA formats and how to tell which formats work with which type of player, but (lucky for you) Middleton Public Library's online video tutorial "MP3 vs. WMA for OverDrive Audiobooks" does a great job explaining it. At just under 4 minutes, it's a clear, concise demo. And it's part of a collection of online video tutorials covering other OverDrive media topics, in addition to genealogy database tips. (Kudos to Middleton Public Library for providing these a great resources, and thanks to Sarah H. for reminding me they were there!)

One caveat about using iPods with downloadable media: encourage your patrons to use their home computers to transfer audiobooks to their iPods or other Apple devices. Transferring OverDrive media to Apple devices requires iTunes (in addition to the usual software required for OverDrive media), but for security reasons iTunes is not offered on LINK or SCLS-supported patron computers in libraries.

Now go on, watch the video!


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