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How are we doing? Comment by August 28 for a chance to win!

Comment How-Are-We-Doing Comment Contest

We started TechBits 6 months ago as a resource for learning and sharing emerging tech trends, tips & tricks, how-tos, and technology projects happening within SCLS. Now we'd like you to review our performance—and to make it worth your while, we have a $25 Amazon.com gift certificate for one lucky winner! 

Let us know how we're doing by leaving a comment telling us:

  • which TechBits tips you've put to good use in your library or life
  • any technologies you still struggle with
  • topics you'd like us to cover in the future

Official Rules: To enter, leave a comment on this post by August 28 and tell us how we're doing. (Email subscribers—don't forget to visit the TechBits website to post a comment). Provide your real e-mail address so we can get in touch with you later (it will not be posted on the Internet). And you must be an employee of a South Central Library System member library to win.  The winner will be announced on this blog.

We look forward to your comments!


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I am totally in love with the TechBits blog. Even though not every topic is relevant to my work, I do get a lot of practical help and ideas from the postings. One topic I'd like to see covered is how to set up a blog reader/RSS feed (honestly, I don't know the difference). I set up a blog reader a few months ago for the first time (that's how I read TechBits!), and it has totally revolutionized my blog-reading life. No more long lists of "favorites" to check, no more trying to remember blog addresses. I use Google Reader, but I'm sure there are other great ones out there. I bet other people would love to learn how to set up a blog reader, too. And maybe an RSS feed (whatever that is). Keep up the awesome work!
Amanda Struckmeyer at Middleton

I love Tech Bits! I subscribe, which works great for me. I always forget to check bloglines (and most of my favorite sites), so this way, I am assured that I will read it, because I always check my email. My favorite posts are the "reminders" - facebook is not your friend, virus alerts, scams, and things like google tips and tricks. I also like the newsy bits - online photo editing for free, overdrive updates, thunderbird and koha news, etc. The tip that I use the most often, though, is the SCLS Status shortcut. That is super handy.

Sincerely, Molly at MPL/RUS

P.S. The graphics used are always funny/cute! Nice work!

TechBits is always a welcome addition to my in-box. Yes--I still primarily read it in my email account rather than here. So what does that tell you? I'm old and prefer not to fix what ain't broke (yet). But still, I have big plans to convert docs into PDF and apply widgets and I've already used some add-ons to Thunderbird and, most importantly, I send lots of your tips to friends and family who think I know a lot more than I really do. (But that's always been a major reward of this profession.)

I'm loving TechBits. I'm currently reading it via e-mail but I have high hopes of getting comfortable with the whole blog reader thing.

I'm transitioning to Thunderbird this week, so will be paying close attention to those postings.

To everyone connected with TechBits - keep up the good work!

I enjoy the TechBits blog(which I receive as email.) I am just waiting for an opportunity to try Zamzar, and I hope online coupons will save me a lot of money someday. I can't always make use of all this new information right away, but I often return to the archives. Thanks to all the contributors for sharing their insider information.

I recently restored a missing Desktop button to my task bar, thanks to TechBits! I'm also hoping to try Aviary or the GIMP photo editing software at home one of these days for some old family photos that need help. I subscribe via email, so my only wish is that I could see who the post writer is, as can be seen on the site. Keep up the good work.
- Heidi @ HPB

Love tech bits. I have gotten some good ideas about cord management, learned about Zamzar but haven't had a change to try it yet and I love the sense of humor approach to technology that many of the articles have. Keep up the good work. So much new all the time it's very helpful to have it pointed out and explained to us.

I have been reading the Tech Bits Blog via Google Reader, and was very interested in the 'Solve Problems Before They're Problems' blog on June 29. We have been having trouble with our wireless internet dropping people, and now think it may be related to our many cordless phones. We are going to get 5.8 ghz phones as suggested in the blog.

I love techbits... it's exactly what I wanted when I suggested that SCLS be more proactive in pushing technology to the libraries. I use zamzar all the time. I've found a lot of the other posts including the one about the top 100 webware awards. I've found some great stuff in there. The post about coupons was helpful too. It's great. I've passed on a lot of these tips to my Board and Elected Officials and they are very thankful.

Tech Bits is a real contribution to the staff and to the Director. For one thing, never knew how to clean the LCD monitors. It has helped me at work, and on my home computer "experiments"! As a Library Director, with many years under the belt, I appreciate learning about the details that others might take for granted. Thanks so much for Tech Bits and keep up the good work.

TechBits is great. I have it delivered directly to my iGoogle home page so I see it as soon as it's posted. The first thing I did was call File 13, the computer recycling company that was suggested by Craig, and got rid of about 15 very old computers & carts that were taking up lots of space in a closet. I also started using Firefox on a regular basis after I read the "Reasons to love Firefox" post. My staff loves having the "SCLS Status Page" bookmarked. And of course the graphics and writing style make the posts fun to read. Keep up the good work!

I love that you have added TechBits. Most of the information is helpful to me and other staff members. I am so glad that we have this to look at when we have a question about things that have been posted a month or two ago. I would recommend everyone who is not signed-up to receive notification when things are added to sign-up now. You get a quick link to the site and don't have to click so many links to get to the page. I am so gald I signed up for this. Keep up the great work and maybe you can get others stuff started like this. Like for the catalogers, acquisitions, circulation, and so on (a blog type thing).
Thank you!!!!

I think the TechBits blog is great! I especially like that you can subscribe for email updates - I get a lot of information I might miss otherwise. I also like that the information ranges from online tools to hardware and software - there's always something useful, and I know I can check to blog for tips if I ever have a problem.

Thank you for TechBits. I too love to get them through email as I don't check other sites as I probably should. It's not only great to pass on to others but easy to search for the one you vaguely remember on say photo editing. Nice to have a variety of voices and approaches.
Please keep it up.

Thanks for the reminder that I can receive techbits through email. I must have forgotten it was possible. I second Amanda's request about the blog reader/RSS feed.
Mary Zenker

I read tech bits every week and love being able to pass along important information to make life easier for staff and patrons. I also let family and frends in on the info so they think I am some sort of techie goddess :)

One day, my secret will get out and it will be the old calgon water softner commercial all over again...

Echo everyone above. I am glad you guys are able to keep the bits fresh - I know it can be a chore coming up with something new all the time. I liked the Firefox NoScript add-on. Too bad there still isn't an electrical shock add-on yet. Also like Crazy Dan's Used Camels and Shirts Emporium.

I so look forward to new updates on the TechBits feed in my Google Reader! Thank goodness for the combined creative intelligence at SCLS. I'm especially interested in Thunderbird, Delicious and texting, tho not necessarily in that order.
Geek Day is tomorrow, so all my questions will be answered!

TechBits is great and I'm glad people are reading and liking it. I keep about every third post in my reader for future reference and have investigated a lot of the recommendations. Currently on my to-do list are "One Minute Critic" and Rose's database widgets.

Love the great little tips. There have been lots of aha moments coming from them. Keep it up!

I have a bunch of posts stored in my feed reader, for stuff I want to keep handy (SCLS status page) and stuff I still need to check out (Aviary). I have mentioned drop.io to a couple patrons who were interested in web storage/sharing.

I'm glad you're using a format that lets us subscribe via RSS, because I get way too much email.

I like TechBits via email, just because that's what's always open on my desktop. (It was kind of surprising to see some names I recognize from Project Play who use email rather than Bloglines!)

I'd like to say it's all been really useful but I can't get that image of Craig with a purse out of my head...

I think I've been scarred for life.

TechBits is great. After reading about Zamzar, I've had it bookmared and finally had a reason to use it this morning. Thanks!

I've not been too familiar with TechBits, but having attended Tech Day at SCLS, I'm in a "geeked" mood, have subscribed, and look forward to learning. After Tech Day, I set up iGoogle on my computer and am learning the ins and outs. As a library clerk, I'm happy to just be able to "talk the talk" a bit with patrons, rather than being left in the dust! Thanks!

Ok, so I was double checking my chances of winning this contest and scrolling through the new additions when the "Lazarus" entry caught my eye. I went to a catholic school, I had to do a number of coloring sheets about Lazurus. Dare I hope it might be what I thought? IT WAS!!!

If only this had existed back in 1998 when I was an undergrad and my final thesis crashed and burned the day before my presentation. And yes, I did have a backup zipdrive, but that died too that day. (Kind of like La Bamba, but it was the day the thesis died.) I am really excited about this.

As a final plug for the giftcard (attn:Dan if you are reading this) my husband and I found out that we are having another baby boy in January, and the name selection is down to Samuel, Paul, and Daniel. I'm just throwing it out there....

I love the TechBits emails. Keep them coming!

I'm new to TechBits, inspired by attending the SCLS Tech Day workshop this past Wed. I want to implement some of the cool stuff I've learned about (such as RSS feeds), re-organize my Thunderbird email, and test out Zamzar!

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