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2009 LINK PC Ordering Moratorium

Because of an upcoming move to a new building in November, the LINK PC ordering moratorium for 2009 will come earlier than usual.  All orders for new PCs should be placed by the end of the day on Friday, October 16th.  Any orders received by Automation after the October 16th deadline may not be placed, installed or invoiced to the library until 2010.  If you know that you will be pOptiplex 760urchasing PCs in 2009, please consider placing your order sooner rather than later.  There are 700+ LINK PCs and 2 people for field work in 6 counties.  We would welcome the opportunity to pace the PC orders, preparations and installations over the next four months.

Automation recommends replacing 20% of your PCs each year.  Following a 5-year rotation plan ensures that your library will not be replacing a large number of PCs in one budget period.  Please see your library's Workstation Status Report to help guide you in placing your orders.

PCs with a red birth date are at least 5 years old and obsolete.  These PCs should be replaced.  PCs with an orange birth date are at least 3 years old and may be nearing obsolescence.  The PCs closing in on the 5-year obsolescence mark are also strong candidates for replacement.

Please submit your orders from the PC Order Form or call the Help Desk if you have questions about the ordering process.


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