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We're in the Tip Jar!

I just read a Wall Street Journal article about the new "Tip Jar" site that Google rolled out. Users may submit money-saving tips in a variety of categories. Users can vote on the tips they like and over time the popular ones float to the top.

Could be cool. Library

What's *definitely* cool is that at the top of the "At Home" category, the most popular tip is about using your public library! (click on image to see full-size)

Could libraries use this to let people know about other good deals they provide? DVDs, audiobooks, access to online databases and other services, free programs, public computers... the list of ways to save money at the library goes on and on!



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The library was also mentioned in the number 10 spot on the same list, not just for books either. Suggestions included borrowing DVDs and CDs, learning a foreign language, and meeting people. Reading also got a spot in the top ten, with that poster noting that most towns have a public library. And they certainly know the value of "free."
So people do know about the library, they just don't know about everything the library has to offer. Promoting smaller parts of our collections, and the services and newer ways of accessing materials are areas where we could probably do more. But this kind of promotion is labor intensive and it's hard enough for some of us just cranking out a book review every two weeks.

I always look forward to reading your book reviews, Dennis. Keep up the excellent work! :)

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