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Quick Access to the SCLS Status Page

The  SCLS Status Page page allows you to see which SCLS technology services are unavailable or have “issues” in almost real time.  When “something” doesn’t appear to be functioning normally (in a BIG way like all staff PCs have no Dynix access, there is no Internet access, there is no email access or a database is unavailable), please check the status page first.  Also if there is a known issue and you want up-to-date information, go there first. 


Because the status page is such a handy tool (when needed), consider making it a Favorite in your browser or dragging a shortcut from the browser’s address bar and dropping it on your desktop.  If you chose the “drag the shortcut” option, just click on the icon to the left of the address in the address bar and drag the icon to your desktop.  Voila! You now have an SCLS status page shortcut on your desktop.


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