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Not going to ALA this year?

Photo of the ALA conference image on a computer screen If you're feeling blue about missing ALA's annual conference this year (or any other conference), take heart. You don't always have to go to the conference to find out what went on:

  • Check whether there is a "virtual" conference that you could attend from your desk. ALA is offering a virtual conference option—still pricey, and it doesn't include all the sessions, but at least it cuts out travel expenses.
  • Look for people blogging about the sessions. A few library bloggers have noted their intent to blog the conference on the ALA conference wiki, and I'll be watching the LITA blog for summaries of the some of the tech sessions. (If you know of a great blogger who plans to liveblog the conference, let us know in the comments.)
  • Follow the conference on Twitter. You can see people posting about ALA by searching Twitter for "ala2009."
  • Look for presenters who post their slides or handouts online before or after the fact—start with the ALA Conference Materials Archive. (Note that links in the archive for some of the days may not be working.  As far as I can tell this is because materials haven't been posted yet for that day.)

If you have other tips for keeping up on conferences from afar, let us know in the comments!


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