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Just Drop It

I have a collection of pictures (or files or videos or songs or notes). I want you to see them. They will *totally* clog up your inbox. What can I do?Drop

This was the situation I was faced with a few weeks ago. To the rescue....semi-permanent storage and sharing with Drop.io!

No need to sign up for an account and provide all sorts of personal info. Just...

  • go to http://drop.io/
  • customize the "drop" url
  • select the photos (or files) to upload
  • decide how long to keep it active and whether guests can add, comment or delete (optional)
  • click "drop it"
  • add an admin password (for future modifications)

and Whammo! Instant storage that can be shared as you like.

Here is a 3-minute video that highlights some of the many things you can do with Drop.io (pictures, music, links, comments, email alerts, RSS feeds, and phone access just to name a few...) and their FAQ.

Possible use - allowing multiple people that normally might not all share an account to all contribute content.  Example - my friend went on a vacation with several other friends. They set up a drop, gave the password to each of the vacationers, and everyone uploaded their pictures to a single place where they could share them with each other but not with the world.

Want to see the end result of a simple Drop.io?
Here's a drop just for Techbits readers.  Password: techbits.


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