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Delightfully Easy Diagrams

I feel so silly!  For the last umpteen years, I've been making organizational and flow charts and other diagrams in Word the old fashioned way:   by drawing individual shapes and connecting them with lines.   I just discovered today that there is a much easier way to create much better diagrams in Word, and how you do it depends on your version.

If you're using Word 2003, you can add a diagram by going to the "Insert" menu and choosing "Diagram".  You then choose the type of diagram you want to make, click "OK", and add text to the diagram word creates for you.  It's pretty slick.

But Word 2007 makes it even slicker!  There is a new feature called "Smart Art" found on the Insert Tab.  If you click the button, you'll find all of the same diagram types that were in Word 2003 and then some.  You can format the diagrams in many ways, and there are cool diagrams to choose from, like gears and funnels!

The coolest part, though, is that some of the diagrams use an outline for you to finish the diagram. It looks like this:


As you type in the outline, the diagram adjusts, changing the text, making the appropriate levels, changing the text size on all of the boxes if you type too much text to fit in any one box, and makes coffee (just kidding about the coffee part....).  You can easily change colors and formatting with one click in the ribbon.  It is AWESOME.  I can't wait to play around with it some more.


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