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Update on the LINK Thunderbird Migration Project & Some FAQs

In June, Automation will be moving out of Thunderbird email pilot testing and into the first round of LINK library Eudora email migrations.  We wanted to share with you some background information as well as some things that you can expect when your library migrates to Thunderbird.  More complete information will be shared with you when your library gets closer to migrating to Thunderbird.


Each library will have one to two “migration mentors” (MnMs).  The MnMs will be the first to migrate to Thunderbird at your library.  When the rest of the library’s staff migrates to Thunderbird, your MnMs will be the first “go to” people if/when you have migration and Thunderbird questions.  The MnMs will be responsible for ensuring that all staff have completed their migrations within 4 weeks from when your library starts the migration process.  Please make their jobs easier by trying to migrate sooner into the 4 week stretch than later.  The MnMs will also be responsible for ensuring that your Business email accounts are migrated to Thunderbird, e.g. “Bounced” or “Ill” email accounts.

Are you a “roaming” Eudora email user? A roaming Eudora email user is someone who has a personal Eudora email account on more than one LINK PC.  If you are a roaming email user, you’ll have to make a decision before you begin the migration process to Thunderbird:

a. Is the mail on each PC so unique that you will want to preserve its uniqueness during the Thunderbird migration? or

b. Does one PC have a Eudora account that has everything you need (like a “primary” Eudora account PC) and that installation of Eudora can be replicated to all other PCs with your email account ("secondary" Eudora accounts) without risk of loosing anything important?

If you answered "a", "Each PC has ‘unique’ email”:
At the time of your migration, you will be responsible for migrating each of your Eudora accounts.  You’ll perform the same Thunderbird migration and configuration procedure on each PC that has a Eudora email account of yours.

If you answered "b", "I have one ‘Primary’ email PC and other ‘Secondary’ ones”:
Prior to migrating to Thunderbird and as soon as possible once your library has been given the “green light” to start migrating to Thunderbird, contact the Help Desk to schedule a date and time to migrate your “secondary” email accounts for you immediately after you’ve migrated your “primary” email account.  Note: There are approximately 600 email accounts that will be migrated this summer so the sooner you schedule with the Help Desk to assist you in your migration, the better.

Why is each library being given 4 weeks to migrate to Thunderbird and will it really take that long?  Each library will have 4 weeks to complete their Thunderbird migrations.  It will take 1 – 1.5 hours to migrate one email account so smaller libraries may be able to complete the migrations within one or two days.  Having a finite window to complete the migration will enhance Help Desk support services to you, especially when 52 sites will be doing the same thing as you.

What happens once the Thunderbird migration project is completed?

  • Once the Thunderbird migration project is completed (September 18, 2009), all Help Desk support for Eudora will cease.  That is why it is important to attend to all email accounts by migrating, archiving or deleting them before then.
  • As LINK PCs are replaced, Automation staff will not copy Eudora files to new PCs unless you followed the archive instructions. 
  • New email services will start to become available (such as web mail).


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