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Out with the old...

Kodak's kodachrome, the first color film ever used, is being discontinued. The iconic film brand has fallen to the wayside in favor of digital cameras.  I made the switch eleven years ago from Kodak film to digital because of the cost savings in processing. That and I wanted to put pictures online.Kodachrome_Old

I talk to quite a few people who haven't made the switch yet or would like to buy a new inexpensive digital camera. I would like to let you know about a nice little camera on the market. The Nikon L20, is an easy to use entry level digital camera. I have the older model, the L18 which I purchased at Christmas for my wife, and she loves how easy it is to use. The camera costs around $130.00 and you will need to purchase a SD card with it. which start around $10.00 and go up from there. The only difference between the L18 and the new L20 is the higher resolution of the L20 (10 megapixels).

The Nikon can be purchased at about any electronics retailer like Staples.


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I heard about the discontinuation of Kodachrome on the radio this week and had the Simon and Garfunkel song stuck in my head for days. :)

I've been thinking about replacing my old Fujifilm point-and-shoot camera with something more modern-- nice to have a recommendation that won't break the bank. Thanks!

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