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Web-Based Calendar Services

Aztec calendar
Feel like your library's calendar system
is from the stone age?

If you've been wanting to explore online calendars for your library, here are some web-based calendar services worth considering.

Is EngagedPatrons.org the gold mine that it seems to be?  They'll host your events calendar, brand it to look like your library's website, and include online event registration -- for our favorite price (free) if your library qualifies (and it probably does).  I'm looking for the downside here, because it seems too good to be true.  If you have experience with this organization, let us know in the comments. 

Google Calendar
Google Calendar is free with any Google Account, with features like multiple views and per-event privacy settings (but not event registration).  It's popular because it offers the option to "embed" the calendar in your library's website.  (Translation:  You log into Google Calendar to add events, and they get automatically copied to a smaller version of the calendar that appears on your library's website.) 

Localendar has a free (ad-supported) version that also allows you to embed the calendar in your library's website.  Several libraries are using it, so chime in if you have a success story (or a warning) about your experience with it!

Another free calendar service with the option to embed the calendar in your library's website.  It's not frequently used for library calendars, but it's gotten favorable reviews from the tech media.

If you've tried several free services without finding what you need, this is the fee-based online calendar service of choice for libraries.  Unfortunately, Evanced doesn't list its prices online, but their calendars have lots of features, including event registration.  (Real-world example: the SCLS Calendar.)


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