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Want to listen to OverDrive WMA Audiobooks on an iPod?

Yes, I mean the WMA Audiobooks that for years have been strictly incompatible with iPods. (As in, the kind we have a ton of, in the WPLC Digital Download Center.)

In the not-so-far-off future, many of them will be compatible with those long-forbidden iPods!

According to a press release from OverDrive, the next version of the free OverDrive Media Console software will make many WMA Audiobooks compatible with iPods and other Apple devices. The new software will be available only for Windows computers and will be released in June.

Good news? Definitely. But the software hasn't even been released yet, and once it is, it will take some time to test it out for use on SCLS library staff and patron PCs. The press release also leaves some unanswered questions:

  • Will the new software ever be available for Apple computers?
  • Which WMA Audiobooks will this affect? (The press release just says "the vast majority," which still leaves the tiniest bit of room for someone's favorite title to be left out.)

Read it for yourself, and rest assured, we'll be monitoring this!


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