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Tip for writing better links: Avoid "Click here"

Photo of a hand on a mouse A long-standing piece of web-writing advice is to avoid links that say, "click here." Seems like a nitpicky detail, right? Something only tech-snobs say? (Ok, maybe there's some truth to to that, but it's still good advice.) Here's why "click here" isn't the best thing for a link to say:

  • It doesn't describe what you'll get when you click the link.
  • It doesn't make sense out of context (like on a printout of the page).
  • It over-explains what to do with the link. Most web users understand links and how to use them.
  • It's inaccurate for people who don't use a mouse. (Screen reader? iPhone? No mouse, no clicking.)
  • It doesn't include any keywords to help search engines index your link more accurately.

So if "click here" is out, what's a better way to say it? Try these W3C-recommended tips for writing better links:

  • be brief and meaningful
  • provide information even when read out of context
  • explain what the link offers
  • not deal with the mechanics of the site
  • not be a verb phrase

Want more info? Click here. (Just kidding!) I mean, get more tips from "How to Write Links that Work."


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Using click here (or read more) is such a missed opportunity for use of the anchor text. You're right; people are used to underlined words being a hyperlink. When doing those links, make sure and also use the title attribute to your favor.

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