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The Many Flavors of LINK Patron PCs

LINK Patron PCs can be configured with several different options. Each library is able to have them configured to meet their patrons' needs. This article will address these options.

1. Library Online: This time management software allows you to control the length of time that a patron can spend on a PC. Kerri provides phone support for Library Online and she has posted documentation for many common Library Online-related procedures on the Library Online website. Please keep in mind that this software is license-based, so you need to purchase a license before installation can occur.

2. Reduced Features: This option gives you the bare-bones of software and features. It is generally requested for LINK Patron PCs that libraries want to use mainly for accessing the LINKCat public catalog. This option also turns off patron access to the hard drive and all removable storage, i.e. floppy, CD-ROM and USB flash drives.

3. Restricted Browsing: This option restricts the web pages that are available for viewing. Patrons still have access to SCLS Automation, SCLS Delivery, each library's homepage, all subscription database websites, Wisconsin state job, Wisconsin state government, Wisconsin Technical Colleges and UW Madison web pages.

4. Audio: This option allows you to control whether the sound is on or off for the PC. When this option is turned on it is generally advisable to have an audio extension cord plugged in to the PC, so that patrons aren't putting wear and tear on the audio port in the back of the PC.

5. Overdrive: This option allows patrons access to the software called OverDrive Media Console. Overdrive is a subscription database of audiobooks, videos and music that can be downloaded to the PC and then copied to a portable digital audio device. Although there is no desktop icon for this software, it does activate once you select an item for download.

6. Print Button: This option allows you to control whether or not a Print button is displayed on the Internet Explorer toolbar.

7. Print Preview Button: This option allows you to control whether or not a Print Preview button is displayed on the Internet Explorer toolbar.

Please keep in mind that these options are ONLY for LINK Patron PCs and some of these options don't work well together.

Now you know all there is know about LINK Patron PCs!


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