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Saving Money with Online Coupons is MAGIC


Brooke, my wife, teaches kindergarten. Last night she told me that one of her kids asked her if magic was real. She wasn't quite sure how to respond to this question. After all, magic isn't "real" it's just an illusion, right? I think I've found "real" magic in this world. Let me show you!

The two order summaries listed below are for the EXACT same product. It's an HP TouchSmart computer that I just purchased for a SCLS library. Why are these prices so different? 

 Coupon 3Coupon 4

The only difference is that I found a coupon code for 30% off!  Isn't that AWESOME!


I'm sure that we all have seen the "Coupon Code" or "Promo Code" box when we buy something online. Don't ignore this box, it's magic. If you find the right code to put in it you'll save a ton of money. This isn't just for online purchases! You can also find printable coupons that you take to the store!  Recently, I purchased a suit at JCPenney. Before I went there I googled "JCPenney printable coupons" and found a 25% off coupon. Just like that I saved about $50.00. (For those of you at the Governance meeting last Friday, this is where I got the shirt that I'll never wear again) One thing to know is that there are a number of fake coupon sites, so I'd stick to the better known ones like:

Remember these coupons are not just for "techie" stuff! You can find a coupon for almost anything!


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Dan, I'm a 16 1/2 neck 34-45 sleeve athletic cut. I'll take that fancy shirt off your hands. :)

Seriously though, awesome coupon action.

I was looking for that shirt on ebay ... what's your seller name?

I think he is "Crazy Ahab's Used Camel Emporium, Curios and Shirt Shack". Just a guess.

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