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Netbooks vs Laptops

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What are netbooks?

During the contest TechBits had in the month of Febuary a couple of comments came up about netbooks. What are they and what are their downsides. Dan and I are teaming up to answer your questions in a mini series on netbooks.

I will start off by answering what is a netbook. Netbooks are a smaller version of the laptop. They are designed to be a low cost, high powered, ultra portable wireless internet device which is ideal for the person on the go. Although they look like laptops they don't have the full capabilities of them. For instance they don't have an optical drive (DVD-ROM) and they don't have slots for expansion cards (PCMCIA slots).Net and note book

What they lack in features they make up for in mobility. They fold up to be about the size of a portable DVD player and weigh less than Three pounds. Some of the newest netbooks on the market can get 8 hours of use on a single charge. You can get one with a 10-inch screen, built in webcam, card reader, and plenty of USB ports.

Some things to consider when buying a netbook:

  • What Operating System do you want? Currently two options are readily available, Microsoft's Windows XP Home and Linux.
  • How much RAM should you buy? I think you should get as much as is offered. Right now the standard for a netbook is 1GB.
  • What kind of storage device do you want? Two types are offered. A standard Hard Disk Drive, which will give you larger storage capacity or a Solid State Drive, which will give you more stability but less storage space.