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Netbooks vs Laptops

An animoto video by Andrew, Craig, Kerri and Dan...


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I think Kerri would have been more telegenic (video-genic?) Eye-candy-ish, maybe?

It's a guy thing. Just accept it.

What?! These comments aren't posted anonymously?! Oh noooooooooooo....

Ha ha. You are too kind, Dennis (but I'm happiest behind the camera while Craig and Dan ham it up).

Well, I think even Andrew would have been a better choice than Craig, eye-candy-wise.

And I think most people would agree with me.

Okay... I've just seen Craig dressed like Bono with a purse. I think I'm scarred for life. Can I play with the Netbook sometime though?

Wow! What a rough crowd! Has anybody ever heard of positive re-enforcement.

Here it is. Great way to demo the differences and Animoto too!

Hey! I like the purse! Seriously, super effective way to show the differences. Are you guys available for hire?

Actually, I was thinking that Craig could give the Queer Eye guys a run for their money ...

We've had the netbook vs. laptop discussion at our library... It wasn't nearly as amusing as your video!

I saw the man-purse coming, but somehow still found it a little too funny!

Very cool.Thanks for sharing, Kerri (and for getting it to work for me). Glad to see your job has some creative outlets!

fun and informative. i think seeing this video might revise some thinking here.... the keyboard does look uncomfortably small. but..wonder if the texting crowd would be totally unbothered by that, as they already use a teeny tiny 'keyboard' now... but i'm cautious about all this. as i understand it netbooks also don't have Microsoft Office, right?
do you see an 'ideal' netbook user? who would prefer this in house? people that want to choose where they sit? but they could sit whereever with a laptop.
ideas about these issues?

appears from this that the benefits of netbook are size (but in house this wouldn't matter, as they aren't hauling it anywhere) and cost (which is huge, but maybe not worth it if people end up prefering to wait for 'regular' machines.) what's your best guess as to the price differential? a laptop typically bought by libraries, with Office is how much? vs. $300 ish for netbooks?

Hi Liz,
Thanks for the comments and questions! There are a number of netbooks out there and I can only talk about the one I've tested. It's an Asus 1000-HE. I got it at Amazon.com for $389.00. The keyboard is small but it's not impossible to type on. It will take some getting used to for the average person. It doesn't come with Microsoft Office. If you want Office, you need to purchase it for each netbook. I installed Office 2007 and it runs just fine. I expected some slow down but that didn't happen at all. I don't see any problem with having MS Office on THIS netbook.

The biggest downside is the screen. It's very small and requires a fair amount of scrolling to see everything...that can get annoying.

We are still trying to figure out who the "ideal user is". Can it be used for roaming reference? Would patrons prefer this to a full size laptop? Does the ultra portability make it useful for library staff? These and more questions are floating around in my head...feel free to offer any suggestions!

Cost is a big factor. The full size laptops run about $1200. Compare that with $389 and you can get 3 netbooks for the price of one laptop. The prices above do not include Office. Depending licensing, you can get Office for $68.00 per computer...maybe even cheaper. There are other things that go along with this. The laptop warranty is MUCH better. The laptop screen is MUCH bigger. The netbooks only run Windows XP HOME which makes locking them down a little more complicated.

I think netbooks will be a great addition to libraries but we need to figure out what purpose they serve and how we deal with their limitations.

I ran across this article about netbooks vs. laptops today-- thought it addressed some of the differences pretty well, especially in processing power.


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