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Library Online 3.7 - changes (part 4)

Here's the last post about changes that will occur when the Library Online servers are replaced and upgraded at the end of May. After the servers are upgraded, we'll start planning the upgrade for the client PCs so they are at version 3.7 also. Upgrading the clients this summer will add some additional features which I'll be discussing in a future post.

Patron Information Consolidation report
This new report is intended to simplify the job of Library staff by giving them easier access to consolidated information on why a patron may not be able to book a PC at this time. The report contains the following:

• Patron information such as birth date, Name and PIN
• Booking Usage
• Printing Usage
• Suspension Information (if currently suspended)

Here is an example.

What this means: Library Online programmers were trying very hard to provide a helpful report with information about a patron and the patron's booking and printing usage. It's a good attempt, but you may find it could still use some work...

Workstation application administration
The workstation application administration process has been changed to simplify the process of adding and modifying applications. Now you create one application and add it to multiple branches, all from the Application Information page. There is also a new option to set the application path for all workstations at a specific branch and a specific default workstation type with a single function.

For instance, you no longer need to add same application 5 times if you have 5 branches. Now you can create one application and attach it to 5 different branches with unique settings for each branch.

What this means:  The interface for managing applications has changed significantly.  Now to generate a list of which PCs have which applications, you must run a separate report
(Reports->Bookings->Workstation Application Report).

Details for managing applications will be available in “Help” in the Library Online administrative interface after we upgrade to 3.7.

Timeout Client Settings
An administrator can now overwrite the Timeout Client and Timeout Client Message Settings for an individual workstation, rather than for all workstations.

What this means:  Previously, Timeout Client and Timeout Client Message settings could only be set at the system level and would apply to all clients.  In 3.7, these settings can be set for individual workstations, workstation types, or all workstations at a library.  Examples of possible settings of interest:  Text of messages and buttons, follow-up bookings (we'll be hearing more about this when we talk about changes that come with the 3.7 client), and a setting to minimize the Available Applications window. SCLS will recommend that some settings not be changed for update reasons.Question

As you've read through these first 4 posts, have you thought about which settings might make a difference for your library? Where have you run into problems and frustrations previously? 

With these upcoming changes, we may be able to eliminate some of the hassle and frustration that you have experienced with Library Online in the past. Keep track of your questions and ideas, and let's talk about what we can do for your library!


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Question on the patron information consolidation report (PICR). Will the name of the patron last longer than the current time frame - I think it is 2 weeks? Currently, searching by patron name only works for the previous 2 or whatever weeks. Will this be the same with the new PICR? Now, if we could get a good nose acronym to go with this report...

The PICR, as you call it, can only be run for a single day, not a range. Interestingly, current patron name info does appear on the report for a date more than 2 weeks in the past, but any usage information and available time info is only available for the current day (even though you have the option to run the report for other dates).

Don't know if that helps with your acronym fun or not... Perhaps you could begin with Now On Stations Everywhere.... the Patron Information Consolidation Report. ;)

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