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Library Online 3.7 - Changes (part 2)

Here are a few more changes and new features that will be arriving with version 3.7 in late May...

Temporary Patron ChangesMidnight
Currently, a temporary patron card is valid for 24 hours from the time created. In version 3.7, temporary patron cards could instead be set to be valid for the day up until 12:00AM. 

What this means: If libraries wish, this system setting could be changed to “expires at midnight”.  (what do you think? expire at midnight that day? or 24 hours from creation? Please weigh in below in the comments!)

Admin site: User consistently be taken back to the same level or place
Within the Administration site, the user is now consistently taken back to the same level or same place after Search activities for flow consistency.

What this means: If you search for workstations for a library, modify the settings for them, Save, and then click “Done”, you are now taken back to the (updated) search results instead of to the original search screen. This behavior occurs on other screens as well. It should save some time and prevent staff from having to repeat actions when changing settings after a search.

No Show Bookings

A librarian can now remove no-show bookings from the database.

What this means: If library issues caused a no-show or a patron contests a no-show and library staff wishes to “forgive” the no-show, library staff is now able to delete a patron's no-show. Hip-Hip-Hooray!

Redesign of Booking reassignments
A librarian now has the ability to reassign any bookings (previously, librarians could only reassign bookings when creating a special workstation booking). With the "Reassign Workstation Booking" option, all the compatible PCs are listed that a booking can be reassigned to so that the librarian can choose a specific PC instead of letting the system randomly pick one.

What this means: This will allow library staff to reassign a booking to a different PC, instead of canceling the booking and recreating it.

In 3.7, you can also reassign bookings through Time Slot Manager. So many options!


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At SUN we tell our patrons that temporary cards are only good for the day they are issued. We would not mind having them expire at midnight.

We at Portage County would like the temporary numbers to expire at midnight. We usually print our numbers before we open, but if we run out during the day or print some later for any reason, it would be nice if they expired at midnight rather than lasting for 24 hours.

PDS would prefer if they expired at midnight; but would be content with either.

We haven't had any real problems with 24-hour expiration for temp passes, but the midnight expiration would be nice.

The booking reassignment changes and no-show forgiveness will be great improvements!

Changes at midnight sounds like a good idea. I don't think any patrons here have ever even noticed the twenty-four hour option.

Midnight would be great. Lots of exciting improvements coming!

Here at MPL North, we would also not mind the expiration. We will love the ability to remove no-shows, and ability to reassign bookings. We have had issue with patrons complaining about the difference in time between the computer clocks, and the phone time (which is used by staff to open the door in the morning) being enough that the patron does not have adequate time to get in to the building and get to a PC to login for the opening hour slot.

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