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RSS Feed Me

When we announced the TechBits blog, we made mention of RSS and RSS readers. But what is RSS? And why is RSS great?   Cake

Here's an "Oprah-fied" explanation of RSS...

I can tell you why *I* love RSS. Before signing up for an RSS reader, I relied mainly on email and word-of-mouth for information. This was okay, but I wasn't always receiving information about *new* tools and trends.

When I signed up for an online RSS reader (I picked Bloglines) and added a few blogs I wanted to follow, suddenly I was getting lots of information about new tools and trends.  The people writing the blogs were the ones out pounding the pavement to find new stuff, assessing whether it might be useful, and sending the information my way. Now it was easy to hear about sites for learning languages, online word processing options, and time-saving tips!

Admittedly, when I first signed up for Bloglines I went a little nuts and added LOTS of feeds, some of which just really weren't that helpful (a few put out TOO much information, and a few just weren't that interesting). Over time, I revised the feeds I follow to be ones that give me the information I want in an amount that I can deal with, and I found some excellent sites that feed me information about what new technology is out there and how libraries might use this technology.

In addition to work-related blogs, I also follow some feeds for friends' Flickr accounts, and some personal blogs where friends post news and pictures of their kids and review Madison restaurants. That's always the "extra fun part" when I log in to check my RSS feeds.

Using an RSS reader lets me keep my critical, time-sensitive info in my email and my interesting, nice-to-know information in my RSS reader... which is waiting for me whenever I have a minute to sit and read.

Want to learn more about RSS readers? There is a training session on Google Reader scheduled for Wednesday, March 25 from 10 a.m. to 11 a.m.


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