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Start->Run... Calculate

Did you know that Start->Run... can be a quick way to open programs?

Simply click on the Windows Start button    Img-3003
Select "Run..."
Type in the box, and hit OK.

Here are some programs that you can start:

  • Type calc for Windows Calculator
  • Type notepad for Notepad
  • Type wordpad for Wordpad
  • Type mspaint for Microsoft Paint
  • Type iexplore for Internet Explorer

And for PCs that have these programs installed:

  • Type firefox for Firefox
  • Type winword for Microsoft Word
  • Type excel for Microsoft Excel

I use this mainly for Calculator and Notepad... programs that I don't want to make shortcuts for (I don't use them THAT frequently) and which are nested in the Programs menu (Start->Programs->Accessories)

And finally...an easy way to make a desktop shortcut to Windows calculator:

  • Right-click on the desktop
  • Select New->Shortcut 
  • Type calc in the box
  • Name the shortcut whatever you'd like and click Finish

Calculator Voila! You can keep the shortcut on the desktop, or drag it to the Quick Launch toolbar near the Start button.


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