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Preparing to migrate from Eudora to Thunderbird email software

Intro: Hi, I’m Pat, LINK’s Network Administrator. My work is mainly behind the scenes: keeping the LINK network running smoothly and assisting the Help Desk and PC Technicians with odd-ball things as they arise.  I also play a role in planning and implementing necessary technology changes, e.g. BadgerNet, antivirus, email and Windows migrations.

Have you felt like the Eudora email software is "old news" and you would like to use something more modern?  Eudora email will be going away this year.  The company that makes Eudora is no longer supporting it. Consequently, SCLS staff have researched and identified Eudora's replacement: Thunderbird.  The Thunderbird software costs the same as Eudora: free.    EmailIcon

SCLS Automation is in the process of writing documentation so that you can migrate your own email from Eudora to Thunderbird.  In the mean time, it's become clear that you will save yourself some time (and possibly headaches later) if you clean up and organize your Eudora mail now before migrating to Thunderbird.  Full details of the clean up and organizing process are covered at http://www.scls.info/technology/email/prethunderbirdprep.html

You may opt-out of performing many of the suggested clean up tasks. However, you are strongly advised to at least familiarize yourself with the section on “Organizing features that will not transfer from Eudora to Thunderbird”:

1. Eudora's Reply and Forward symbols do not migrate to Thunderbird. If you have Eudora emails to which you've either replied to or forwarded, the arrow symbols will not transfer when you migrate to Thunderbird.
2. Both Read and Unread messages will migrate as Unread messages.
3. Color-coded labels in Eudora will not migrate to Thunderbird.
4. Emails sent/received in Eudora during Daylight Saving Time will be off by one hour.

There are some new organizational processes that you can create now to compensate for "feature loss" if any of these are of interest to you.  See the above link for details.

If you want to get a head start on preparing for the migration process, join Jean Anderson for the next Brain Snack: Email Tips & Tricks, March 20 at 10:00 a.m. Visit the SCLS Calendar (www.scls.info/calendar) to register.


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I have yet to find an email software easier
to use and as complete as Eudora, and I am
only using Eudora 7.1 Pro, paid mode. I have tried but disliked Eudora 8

I found your article via kb.MozillaZine.org Thanks for it, but your list of "Organizing features that will not transfer from Eudora to Thunderbird" is, happily, over-stated.

It seems that the status indicators are now actually preserved, as of Thunderbird v3. At least according to this item, which cites the bug itself:

This seems to apply to read/unread, reply/forward, and labels. Here's the bug:
I'm not sure about the DST bug.

Lots of info out there, some old. I use the latest "Paid" version of Eudora and love it.

Running 3 instances on Windows 10 and one on XP

Problem is that Cox has been causing Eudora to report password problems for the past 2-3 months. Messages usually get in and out, however. Cox claims no changes but of course when 3-4 computers start having problems at the same time, it has to be the server.

Also, I did find some certs that couldn't be accepted in Eudora, probably not Cox relates,

So, help. Fix Eudora or try to migrate to Thunderbird . . . much conflicting info about doing that.

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