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Linking to SCLS Online Resources

Cursor Let's say you're CRAZY about LearningExpress Library (and who wouldn't be with all those online practice tests and tutorials to help you prepare for testing success?). Let's say you want to do some special promotion and also highlight LearningExpress Library on your library's web page so you can bring it to your patrons' attention, too...

How do you link to it?  

The best way to link to it is by using a special URL that goes through our authentication script (instead of linking directly to the LearningExpress Library website). A complete list of these special URLs can be found on the SCLS website with the information about Reference Databases.

Why go through our authentication script?

  • so patrons have the same experience inside or outside the library
  • to insure that patrons automatically end up in the database under the library account without being prompted for top secret user names and passwords (which they won't know)
  • so we can collect statistics about usage for the member libraries

If you have any questions about linking to the SCLS Online Resources, please contact Kerri or Rose.


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