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Wrangling Software Licenses

Hi, I'm Cindy and I am the Systems Support Specialist at SCLS Automation.  I began at Automation back in 1992 as an operator on the Geac system. I've worked a number of different positions here since then and now supervise the help desk and the operators.  I also worked in the administration office for Madison Public Library for three years. 

Everyone should have heard that it’s important to keep your license information and software installation disks where you can find them easily.  With boxed software, it’s pretty easy to store the disk, license code and current installation information all inside the box. But with more and more software coming with just a license sheet and a disk or even a license sheet and a download, how do you keep all of that together?

A step up from the old “put it all in a box/drawer” solution is to actually use a 3-ring binder to store the license documents and disks.  The license documents can either be 3 hole punched and put directly into the binder or, better yet, can be slipped into protector sheets.  Protector sheets can also hold a sheet of paper with the number and location of current installations and any other thin documentation that may have come with the software. 

There are also disk holders for three ring binders.  These come in a variety of sizes, from single disk pouches that can be adhered to the protector sheet of the license document to 8 CD/DVD binder sheets.  This way you can have your license document and your disks together in one convenient place that takes up less space and not have to search for it or dig through a box trying to match one with the other.

While I’m not advocating a specific vendor or brand, here are some examples of the CD holders:

Single CD holder

Small CD binder sheet

Large CD binder sheet


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