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Help the Help Desk to Better Help You

When you call the Help Desk it helps us a lot if you first give us the following information: 

  1. Your first and last name, as there are a lot of Susans and Janes out there
  2. Your library name

If you need your Dynix workstation reset, then it's very helpful if you already know your workstation number. A workstation number is the four-digit number that you use to log in to Dynix.

If you have other non-Dynix related problems then we'll probably need to know the name of the PC that is having the problem. This name helps us to find your PC in case we need to remote into it in order to fix it. The name of any LINK PC begins with your library's three-letter agency code. Next it contains any where from three to four characters, ex. SLAL or PAL, that help us to identify if it is a Staff PC or a Patron PC. Finally the name of your PC ends with a two-digit number. This entire PC name can be found on the PC itself, usually on the top, and it is found on a white label with black letters.

If you have a mouse and/or keyboard problem then it's helpful if you already know what type of connector your mouse and keyboard use. There are two kinds that are in use and they are USB and PS/2. The USB connector end is shaped like a small rectangle and the PS/2 connector end is circular shaped. PS/2 connector ends for mice and keyboards will always have different colors. The mouse PS/2 connector is always green and the keyboard PS/2 connector is always purple.


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