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Document Storage Recommendation

My name is Andrew and I am the other PC Technician for Automation.  Craig and I work together to support the PCs on the LINK network.  Some of you might know me from answering the phone at the Help Desk.  I'd much rather blog about baseball, but since this is a technology blog, I'll continue on with that theme.

Some of you might be wondering where might be the best place to save your documents.  Whether you work at your own PC or at a shared workstation, my recommendation is to save your files within the My Documents folder.

The My Documents folder is recommended for several reasons.

  • It is quicker for Automation staff to back up your data.  When we replace your PC or reinstall your Windows operating system, we make a backup of your data.  It takes less time to back up data from a centralized location, My Documents, than searching the entire hard drive for what may be valuable data.
  • There is a much smaller chance that we will miss backing up some of yMydocsour documents when they are all stored in the same My Documents folder.
  • It is much easier for you to back up your documents regularly.  Instead of copying over several folders or loose files to your USB flash drive, you can simply copy over the entire My Documents folder.  The same goes for those who prefer to burn to CD or DVD for backups.

If you share a workstation with others, you could create a subfolder for each person within the My Documents folder.  This way, all your files are still saved within the same container, yet separated from the files of other users.  The illustration shows how this might look.

Most of you should be able to access My Documents from its desktop shortcut.  If you do not have a shortcut, try this.

  1. Right-click the Desktop
  2. Select Properties
  3. Click the Desktop tab
  4. Click Customize Desktop
  5. Check the box for My Documents
  6. Click OK twice


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