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Can you really live without the SCLS status page?

Intro: Hi everyone this is Dan, the non-LINK computer guy. I enjoy long walks on the beach...wait wrong blog.  I take care of all the non-LINK computers. This includes networking, wireless, patron/staff computers, and other technology projects. I'm always on the lookout for new and exciting uses of technology.

Technology doesn't always have to be super complicated. Sometimes the best technology projects are very simple. A great example of this is the new SCLS status page. This web page allows you to see which SCLS technology services are available or unavailable in almost real time.  You can view this page from any computer, that's right any computer!  (not just a pc on the LINK network)Crutches

Here is the list of SCLS technology services on the SCLS status page:

  • Library Online
  • LINK Dynix
  • LINK Network
  • SCLS Database
Let's look at a real world example

The first one will be before you knew about the SCLS status page and the second after you started using the SCLS status page.


You are sitting at your desk and a coworker says they can't access Dynix. You spring into action...

Before the SCLS status page

...and in a panic you sprint towards the nearest Dynix computer, but on the way you trip and twist your ankle. Down but not out, you crawl to the Dynix computer and see that it is indeed not working. With tears in your eyes you fumble for the phone and call the help desk. After all that, you get a busy signal because everyone else is calling at the same time. Battered and broken, you sit on the floor defeated.

After the SCLS status page

...and calmly open your Internet browser, navigate to the SCLS status page and see that Dynix is down.  You also see that SCLS staff are working quickly to resolve the problem. Relaxed and comfortable, you sip on your morning coffee and realize what a beautiful day it is.

Can you really afford not to check the SCLS status page?


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Dan, you are the master at oversales.

I work in cataloging and the last time Dynix was down and we were directed to this page, I saw the "Library Online Status: AVAILABLE" (on the top line) and thought that meant this page wasn't being updated as quickly as you guys said it was, since Dynix was still down. Eventually I figured out that the message referring to LINK Dynix Status was the message I should have been looking at. So at some point can you provide some information on what each of the four statuses (statusi?) are referring to? What does Library Online Status mean if it isn't referring to Dynix?

Hi Dennis! Thank you for the comment. Library Online (formerly Telus) is time management/reservation software used to manage most patron computers in SCLS. I think it's a good idea that we add a short description of each service listed on the SCLS status page. I'll talk with the other tech people and we'll come up with something. Keep an eye on the status page for changes. I'd hate to have someone twist an ankle because we didn't properly describe what each service is all about.

Very funny, good post!

Don't forget the sad third scenario though. Dynix is down, you calmly bring up the status page, but you don't find any new information. Oh no!

In this situation you should call the Automation help desk at (608) 266-6394 and if you don't get anyone, leave a voice mail message. If you don't hear back from the help desk within 10-15 minutes, check the SCLS status page again.

If you still don't see new information, use the emergency pager procedure to contact the person on call. It is possible that your site's BadgerNet connection is down and that we just don't know about it.

I have it up now and we are good! Thanks Dan, remaining on both my feet is my new goal for 2009! Seriously though this is going to be a great help in time management!

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