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E-Waste Management

I’m Craig Ellefson, a PC Technician with the SCLS Automation department. My job here is to support the PCs on the LINK network. I have been with SCLS for 9 years. Before that I worked for The Computer Plus building “Aspect” PCs that were used by SCLS up until about 10 years ago.

For years, I have been asked when computers are replaced at a library what can we do with the old ones? SCLS never took them because we didn’t have an easy way to dispose of them. Now we do. SCLS is using File13 out of Verona to handle our e-waste needs. For a low cost of thirty-five cents a pound you will be able to send your e-waste through SCLS Delivery for environmentally-friendly recycling. Recycle_logo

Here’s how it works. Whenever you have material to recycle, contact Brad Guenther at SCLS Delivery to coordinate the number of items and a date to send them through delivery. Attach a note to each item or box you send indicating your three letter agency code. File13 will use that for billing you back. Libraries sending in material will need to clearly mark boxes as "recycling". SCLS has a few boxes available to send to you if you don’t have any. If you have a large number of items that you would like to recycle you can contact Ed directly at File13 for a pick-up of your e-waste at 1-866-913-6038. It’s still only thirty-five cents a pound.


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This is a great option. A helpful reminder to lessen costs is to remove any extraneous metal to lessen the weight. For instance, most flat screen monitors have metal stands that are removable. Take that stand off, it can go to regular scrap metal recycling as it does not have the contaminants in it that the monitor itself does that requires special disposal.

Thanks to SCLS for this great option. For other ideas you might take a look at Dane County's list of businesses/nonprofits that would take them as a donation or to be recyled. Many of the listings include specifics about what they will and won't take - i.e. Staples will recycle Dell products for free.

This list also includes a short list places that absolutely won't take a donation.

Here's a link: http://www.countyofdane.com/pwht/recycle/computers.aspx

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