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Love those database statistics!

Call me a geek, but I love to look through the database usage statistics and see what online resources people are using. To receive 2008 counts of in-library and remote use (as well as percentages of system use) of SCLS online resources for your library, please contact Kerri.

2008 OverDrive statistics for our downloadable audiobooks, videos, and music are also available...no special request necessary. Checkouts by library by month are available in Excel spreadsheet format just below the table of system-level statistics from the Database Statistics page on the SCLS web site.

Why are these numbers interesting?

  • They can give you a pretty good picture of which online resources your patrons and staff know about, like best, and are using the most.
  • They might also give you a better idea of which resources need some extra mention and/or extra training.
  • And with the OverDrive monthly statistics, you may see when patrons are using the service most (summer when they go on vacation? January when they're trying out their new devices?) and find good opportunities to promote the service.


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Thanks for alerting me that I can easily look at monthly Overdrive usage stats - how cool! Are you going to continue to update this with stats for 2009? Also, perhaps I am just being lazy, but would there be any simple way to have an end of year total for each library?

End-of-the-year totals are definitely a possibility... I'll see about getting those added on the statistics page!

2008 end-of-the-year totals for OverDrive are now posted:


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