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I'm afraid I don't understand what "lock the desktop" means. I don't know if I'm doing this or not so I don't know what steps I shouldn't be doing.

Bummer about closing documents though. I do like to leave some open for easy access...


We posted some instructions (and videos) for clarification ( http://www.scls.info/technology/updates/logoff.html ) and Brian also just did a TechBits post: http://scls.typepad.com/techbits/2012/02/log-offlock-desktopreboot-pcs.html


Thank you!

Susan Kosharek

Can you clarify "all SCLS supported PCs"?
What about the non-link PC's with Library Online? We normally shut down/shut down those each night.

Also, What about laptops we have for patrons to check out? Those are kept off until checked out and have Library Online installed.

Do we have to do anything with those?


Ah... good question, Susan! We should have been more clear about that.

SCLS-supported PCs *that are on the SCLS network* should be left on. These are the PCs which get automatic updates overnight.

Your library's "non-LINK" PCs and laptops are on a non-SCLS network. To be updated, they need manual intervention by Dan or other SCLS staff. They can be turned off at night if you wish.

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