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Tana Elias

Madison Public Library switched our public web site and our WordPress blogs to Drupal this year. We love it, for all the features Rose mentioned, and more, including the ability to show some pages only to logged in staff, not the public. We're happy to give a tour of the backend of our Drupal 6 site to anyone who's interested.


Thanks, Tana. We fully intend to take you up on that offer. :)

Jon Muzzall

I just want to second Tana's post and say I'll do my best to answer any questions you may have.

Angela Meyers

Tanya and others, Waukesha Co System is looking into Drupal. Any demos or background info would be appreciated as we start this process. Ameyers at wcfls.lib.wi.us. Thanks!


Angela, you don't mention the scope of your project, but one thing that helped me get started was setting up a free site at Drupal Gardens -- it will teach you nothing about the technical side of managing a Drupal site, but it's an opportunity to try the interface as an end user to see if it's worth more effort and investment.

Some other ways you might learn more:
- Learn online: Lullabot & Drupalize.me, Drupal.org, and more for self-guided learning.
- My fave book on Drupal is O'Reilly Media's "Using Drupal"
- Take a Drupal course available through ALA or local college/tech schools
- Attend a Drupal event - DrupalCon is in Portland in May 2013
- Drupal4Lib email list
- Network with: OWLS, Winnefox, WVLS, IFLS, and SCLS

Jon Muzzall

That's a great list, Rose. I especially love the help people give on the drupal4lib listserv.

Angela, we've been very happy with the complex things we've been able to do with Drupal. Our main site is still a Drupal 6 site, but our upcoming additional projects are likely to be on Drupal 7. I'd be happy to discuss our site(s) with you over the phone or through web conferencing software...and you're of course welcome to visit!

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