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Promote Databases on Your Website with a Widget

Databases can be tough to market to patrons. I won't pretend that your library's website is the ultimate solution to the database marketing problem—but it's part of it. A simple text link for Online Resources or Databases may be a good start. To take it to the next level, you might highlight a few especially-relevant databases with a logo graphic and a brief annotation.

"Ho-hum," I hear you saying. "We already have those things on our website. Can't we do more?"

Indeed, we can! We're now offering an eye-catching Database Widget that can be placed on your library's website. It features sample questions on a variety of topics and links to a few databases that may be helpful in answering them. A mini version is also available (featuring links to database subject guides).

(Email subscribers may need to click through to the blog to see the widget-action.)

If you use Contribute to update your website: contact me (Rose Ziech) to have it added to your library's website.

If you can use snippets of HTML code to update your website: Copy and paste this HTML snippet into your website to insert the widget directly into your page.
Full-Size Widget

Mini Widget


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