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Excel: Selecting or Jumping Through All or Some Data in a Column

Let’s say that you have an Excel spreadsheet with 3,349 rows, Xcel

  • do you know how to easily select data, from any point within an Excel column, to the bottom of the data in that column?
  • do you know how to jump from any point within an Excel column to the bottom of the data in that column?

Shift, End and arrow down might become your friends.

In these examples, we’ll focus on manipulating data from column ‘C’.


What if you’re interested in selecting data from C 2,000 all the way to the bottom of the data in that column, C 3,349?

  • Click on cell C 2,000
  • Hold down the Shift key
  • With the Shift key depressed, press and release the End key and then press and release the arrow down key. Voila! (This is an easy way to copy paste lots of data quickly.)

Select in Excel



What if you want to jump from the top of the column, C1, to the bottom of data in the column, C3,349?

  • Click on C1
  • Press and release End.
  • Press and release the down arrow. Voila!

Note: These examples focus on selecting data ‘down’ the column. Data can similarly be selected ‘up’ the column by using the up arrow.

Caution: These ‘tricks’ only work with contiguous data. If a cell is empty of data within a column, the final down arrow will take you to the first empty cell.

Good luck selecting and jumping!

Constantly changing Office 365

SendEmailOffice 365, the web-based email and calendar solution provided by SCLS, is frequently updated by Microsoft. On one hand, that's great. We're the lucky recipients of new features, bug fixes, and improvements with little to no work on our part. On the other hand, things are constantly changing and it's hard to keep up sometimes!

Office 365's recent upgrade brought with it new ways to manage your mailbox and shuffled some settings around. For example, when you click on the Settings gear in the upper right, the whole menu looks different, and when you go into the Options, the whole layout is rearranged! 

Here is an overview of the changes and new features and details about the new "Clutter" feature, which is designed to move low priority messages out of your Inbox and into their own folder. SCLS staff will be updating any out-of-date Office 365 documentation on our website as time permits.

The next version of Windows will bring back the start menu

I want to share some good news with everyone! The next version of Windows will bring back the start menu!  Microsoft listened to their customers and decided to bring it back.  Here is a screenshot of the preview version of Windows 10


Help patrons avoid account lockouts

Photo of some locks that are not digital

It's rough to get locked out of a Google, Yahoo, or other web mail account. Help your patrons avoid the hassle by encouraging them to set account recovery options for any web mail accounts they create and keep them up to date.

While logged into email, look under account settings for options like contact information, password-reset information, or security information. Once you find the right settings, there may be options to add mobile phone numbers and alternate email addresses (to receive a text/email message with a password reset code) or security questions (to answer if all else fails).

Remind patrons to check up on these settings from time to time. People change phone numbers, email addresses, and sometimes even security question answers.

Two-step verification is an additional login security option that Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo recommend. Turning it on for an account does strengthen security, but it can also cause difficulties if the patron does not have consistent access to a mobile phone or alternate email address. Be extra careful to add backup options for two-step verification and keep them up to date too.

Public service staff: how do you help patrons recover from account lockouts at your library?

Thanks to staff at Oregon Public Library for suggesting this topic!

RFID or not to RFID? - that is the question.

I don't think I've ever blogged (bragged) about the SCLS mobile RFID tagging kits.  Years ago (!) SCLS used grant monies to purchase equipment, carts and bins in order to provide a shared resource that libraries could "check-out" when they decided to implement RFID.  Providing these kits has meant that libraries using Bibliotheca software were not required to a) purchase their own mobile tagging kits or b) rent taggging stations. 

We have 4 mobile tagging kits; each kit contains an antenna (aka pad), FEIG reader with power cord, a laptop with both flavors of Bibliotheca tagging software, power cord, mouse, barcode scanner and a surge protector delivered to your library in a stylish grey delivery bin. We also have 3 carts that you can also borrow, if you do not have a cart in-library that you can use. The carts do not include a battery so you will need to use an extension cord to provide power to the equipment.  At your request, we will provide hands-on training in the use of the software and equipment.

If you are an SCLS LINKcat library, you can submit a reservation for use, with estimated dates, on the online Koha Support form.  Kits are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

PowToon for presentations

The folks over at the SPLAT (Special Projects Library Action Team) blog recently published a nifty post about PowToon. PowToon's mission is to provide "minimalist, user friendly and intuitive presentation software that allows someone with no technical or design skills to create engaging professional 'look and feel' animated presentations."

What can you do with it?
Use their templates and styles to design engaging animations and videos to convey your message. Jazz up a presentation. Present your statistics in an infographic video format. Scroll down their "About Us" page to see PowToon's current styles.

Here's a quickie TechBits promo video created using one of the PowToon templates:

How much does it cost?
The basic plan is free and will give you standard definition videos with PowToon branding uploaded to YouTube or hosted on PowToon. Upgraded plans will give you HD, download, and other options. There are also pay-per-export options.

How easy is it to use?
I spent a couple of hours playing around with it initially. Without watching any of the tutorials, I was still able to figure out how to get things moving. I imagine after watching some videos, I could do even more amazing things!

Check out the SPLAT example, PowToon examples, or my first attempt at an infographic-type video using @FakeLibStats' fake library statistics to see more about PowToon.  


(Don't follow SPLAT or @FakeLibStats yet? You should!)


Have you found a good tool for creating animated presentations? Share it in the comments!


Late Night After Hours Event Tip

If your public stations are supported by SCLS and you want to make them available late at night for an event, there are a few things you need to do.  MP900385582

The public computers that we support have disk protection software on them.  This type of software keeps the PC clean of malware, personal information and any other changes made by the patron.  After each session, a simple reboot will set the PC back to its original state giving each subsequent user a consistent experience.

At 9:15PM every night, the PCs reboot and the disk protection is disabled.  This allows us to send important software updates and antivirus updates to the PC.  During this maintenance period, the keyboard and mouse on the PC are disabled.  At 7:30 the next morning, the PCs reboot and the disk protection is enabled and ready for public use.

This means if you are planning on having a late night event and want to make the public stations available, you need to contact the Help Desk ahead of time.  We can disable the maintenance period for the nights of your event.

The second point to consider is LibraryOnline.  If you are using LibraryOnline reservation system at your library, you may need to make some changes to make the PCs available for use.  There is documentation posted on how to accomplish this.

OverDrive Updates - Fall 2014 Edition

There has been lots of announcements and activity surrounding OverDrive and Wisconsin's Digital Library recently. I thought I'd collect the information in one place for you.

The Big Library Read featuring Anatomy of a Misfit by Andrea Portes is going on through next Tuesday, October 28.

The Teen and Kids Reading Rooms are now live and can be found here:  

KidsReadingRoom TeensReadingRoom

Back in January, I wrote about some audiobook changes that were expected this year. After November 1, 2014, WMA format for most audiobooks and all music will no longer be available for WPLC to purchase. Also after November 1, only MP3 formats for audiobooks and music will be shown in Wisconsin's Digital Library (with the exception of a small number of titles only available in WMA format). This move will simplify the downloading process for patrons.

Happy Reading!



Super secret Excel shortcut - "copy visible"

If you do a lot of work in Excel, you may hide the columns you aren't working with or filter the data to see only certain information.

What happens if you copy something that spans that hidden data? The hidden data is copied (and pasted) too... UNLESS you first use

alt + ; 

and then do your copy. This will copy only the visible cells.


Video example:  (2:08)


For those folks who prefer Excel menus, the full steps to copy visible cells using the Excel menus can be found here: